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Expert aquarium and pond maintenance, service, and installation

“A Majestic Aquatics aquarium is a reflection of nature.”

Who We Are

Majestic Aquatics has provided quality, reliable aquarium services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware since 2002. Based in Medford, NJ, Majestic Aquatics is trusted in installations, maintenance, and repair of aquariums and ponds of all types and sizes.

With over 20 years in the business, we have installed hundreds of aquariums and ponds and answered over 1,000 service calls. Our professional services are fully insured.

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The health and longevity of your aquatic life is directly influenced by the maintenance requirements. The size and type of your aquarium, and amount of aquatic life in your tank or pond will
determine the following necessary services:

  • Water changing and water quality maintenance
  • Gravel vacuuming and waste removal
  • Inside/outside glass cleaning
  • Filter inspection, cleaning, and replacement
  • Aquarium feeder refills


Majestic Aquatics is fully insured and has all the necessary tools to properly install a picturesque aquarium. The majority of our clients pre-purchase their aquarium and we handle the installation. If you have not already purchased an aquarium, we offer advice on selecting the right aquatic solution for your lifestyle.

When it’s time to set up your aquarium, we offer installation for:

Schuberti barbs blue gourami golden barbs and blue neons swimming in tank

Tropical Freshwater Aquariums

Archerfish spinner fish in tank

Brackish Aquariums

Saltwater coral reef aquarium

Saltwater/Marine Aquariums

Assorted fishes inside coral reef environment

Reef Aquariums

Close up of pond with green leaves

Ponds (Indoor and Outdoor)

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