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20 years of expertise for your prefect aquarium

“I was mesmerized by the tank. The picturesque aquarium encased in cherry wood is the crowning glory in this decorating project.”

Lisa Ann Myers
Home & Style Editor, The Courier-Post Newspaper

Your Trusted Partner for Aquariums

Majestic Aquatics offers an array of services dedicated to consultations, building, cleaning, and maintaining your aquarium or pond.

Our services are available throughout the Tri-State area (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware).

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Aquariums come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties, but the maintenance schedule can be simple when you hire an expert.

Majestic Aquatics offers weekly,  bi-weekly, and monthly maintenance plans. We clean your tank or pond from top to bottom, even getting into the gravel to ensure all particles are removed to keep your tank crystal clear.

We work on freshwater, saltwater, ponds, and coral tanks.


Impress your clients, family, and friends with a professionally installed aquarium. It can add a touch of relaxation to any atmosphere.

Choose the location of your aquarium and we can expertly install it. We offer customization options like plant decor or backgrounds, as well as consultations on the best aquatic life.


Something wrong with your aquarium or pond? Let a professional bring it back to life. We offer filter and lighting replacements for your aquarium/pond.

At this time, we do not offer silicone or glass replacements.


The unexpected can happen, and Majestic Aquatics is here for even the most serious problems.

If you discover an issue with your aquarium such as inadequate water circulation, low oxygen in water, ammonia spikes, or acidic water, contact us. Our technicians can promptly fix the problem and restore tranquility to your office or home.

Fish, Coral, and Features Consultation

Our aquarium knowledge spans years of practice, first-hand knowledge, and studying. We can make aquarium recommendations on everything from fish to staging.

If you want to know more about the types of fish that thrive in a saltwater tank, or how to make the ecosystem better for freshwater fish, we can help.

Contact us to set up a consultation and get one step closer to your perfect aquarium or pond.

New Aquariums

Start creating a relaxing environment for your space by talking with us about purchasing our services. In addition to being a full service aquatic supplier, we know what works and what doesn’t, so trust us to build, set up, and maintain your dream aquarium.

Our expert aquariums create a relaxing environment in your home or office. Trust us to create your dream setup.

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