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Find answers to common questions about our services

If you’re on our maintenance plan, we can supply a wide variety of fish and coral.

Our maintenance services include gravel vacuuming and waste removal, water changing, inside/outside glass cleaning , filter inspection, cleaning and replacement, maintenance of water quality, aquarium feeder refills, cleaning and rotation of decorations, light timer setup and adjustments, removing algae, inspecting mechanics (heaters, lights, filter), and more.

Our service includes food and the appropriate chemical balancing agents for your water.

Our prices can vary depending on the size, style, contents, and wildlife in your aquarium or pond. Our prices are a great value for the service we provide. Contact us for a quote.

Yes, we can service your aquarium outside of your office’s regular business hours. We also provide emergency service and repairs in case the unexpected happens.

We work with all types of aquariums, including but not limited to: freshwater and saltwater tanks, ponds, coral tanks, exotic and unique sea life, custom shapes and location installations, and sizes 100 gallon to 50,000 gallon.

Yes, we install in any type of space you have including offices, waiting rooms, restaurants, homes, schools, and healthcare facilities.

Yes. Whether you have a koi, duck, turtle pond, or pond full of wildlife, we can ensure it stays clean and healthy. We’re here to help if you have issues with your pond such as low aeration, poor filtration, debris and sludge build up, and drainage. We also offer opening and winterization for outdoor ponds.

No, we do not require contracts.

Whether you have an emergency and need immediate service or want to schedule in the near future, just give us a call. Call us now! 856-GOT-FISH (856-468-3474).

No. We have all the tools and equipment necessary.

Yes. From temporary aquatic life storage to packing, moving, and reinstallation – we can make sure your fish and aquarium arrive safely at your new home or office.

This varies based on the size, style, and state of your aquarium. With regular cleaning and service, a maintenance visit requires approximately 1 hour and can be scheduled at your convenience. Initial cleanings and deep cleaning require a more intricate process and take longer to complete.

Yes! Call us now 856-468-3474. Emergencies are unexpected, and we’re here to help.

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